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Felicity Drawing Ollie’s Bow

As someone who used to be big into archery, this bothers me. The kind of draw weight you have to have on a bow to pull off any of Ollie’s various arrow-related stunts is enormous. There is NO WAY that in 01×14 Felicity should be able to effortlessly draw back the string on that bow. That’s something a beginner does with a draw weight of 25lbs or less. Ollie’s bow has to have a minimum of 60lbs draw weight, if not much more. She might be able to realistically move that string about 4-6 inches. No way would she be able to pull it almost all the way back unless Ollie was using his squirrel bow.

True, but, this is why we have

Viewers Are Morons

. Most viewers and most writers couldn’t be expected to know so much about such a niche sport.

Legality of Confessions

I’m no expert on this, and my knowledge of the show is limited, but wouldn’t the confessions Oliver extracts be completely unusable in court? They are clearly extracted under torture or at least duress (Oliver usually shoots his targets to stop them from moving or just to intimidate them).

The Arrow is not part of the government. He is not bound by the The Bill of Rights. It would be admissible, but the defense would be free to point out the problems with torture ( that the person will say whatever you want them to say). A rational jury would not convict on a confession based on torture. If, however, the torture included information only the perp could know, it might be a different story.

Additionally people often think that torture or other illegal means will throw out an entire case. It does not. What would happen in all likelihood with Arrow’s moves (assuming a non corrupt police force who believes the confession) is they would seek legal evidence in direction they might not have looked otherwise.

Voice Changer

Why doesn’t Oliver use his voice changer all the time? Pre-island, he was on the news all the time, and even more post-island, and on top of that, his parents confer with multiple businessmen and -women, so don’t you think more of them would know his voice?

He does use it most of the time; in fact, I can’t think of any time he didn’t use it when talking to anyone.

Mostly true. However, early on, he didn’t even use it when talking to Detective Lance (see ep.3 for example), y’know,

his ex’s (exes’?) father

. How Lance, who by this time had previously seen the Hood’s chin, didn’t make the connection at this point, is anyone’s guess (yeah, I know, see

Clark Kenting

and all, but still.). As for why he doesn’t have it turned on all the time, hey, he already loses enough time putting on the suit and that damn eye ‘makeup, if he knows it’s not necessary, that’s a few seconds that can help

save someone’s life.

An unshaven chin is hardly an uncommon characteristic. But, possibly

Fridge Brilliance

: Ollie wanted to leave small, unprovable breadcrumbs to make the police catch on, so he could then disprove them. He only did this around one officer, who had a personal vendetta against him, so it could be explained away by the police as Lance mis-remembering these details in order to convince himself that it was Oliver, as happens with real eye-witness testimony.

Running out of arrows

In episode 13 “Betrayal”, when Oliver attacks Cyrus’s house to rescue Laurel, Cyrus manages to capture The Hood (briefly) by counting that The Hood has 24 arrows and darts, and hires 25 mooks so that the last surviving mook can do the capturing. However, in the scenes where Oliver’s attacking the house, there are a few scenes where The Hood takes out mooks by hand and doesn’t use his arrows/darts. So how is it that he runs out by the end?

Maybe Vanch took into account the places where the Hood was the most likely to take out mooks in hand-to-hand and put a few extra mooks around the house. Also, he used at least two arrows that didn’t connect with a mook (an explosive arrow to distract the snipers, and a flechette that was dodged)

What I’m wondering is how Vanch even knew the exact number of arrows and darts Oliver carried in the first place. It’s like the writers got archery quivers mixed up with revolver cylinders.

He just went over the data on the old crime scenes and counted how many arrows he had ever used max.

That’s incredibly poor evidence. Even assuming he could get that information, it doesn’t remotely follow that if the Arrow has never shot more than 24 arrows that he only ever carries 24 arrows.

Yao Fei

Why is Ollie’s mentor called Yao Fei? In the comics Yao Fei is the alias of Accomplished Perfect Physician of the Great Ten, a character with various psychic abilities and no known archery skills. If the Byron Mann character was named Xu Tao, he’d be the equivalent of Celestial Archer from the same team, which would make more sense.

Maybe they named him Accomplished Perfect Physician for his ability to whip up a miracle cure-all out of island vegetation? And then they needed someone to teach Ollie archery anyway, so they just decided to combine the two attributes.

It’s possible Yao Fei isn’t an expert archer, but just a decent one, and that Ollie learned expert archery from someone else, like


“The Odyssey” reveals that Shado is Arrow!Yao Fei’s daughter.

Ollie proving not to be the Arrow


Batman Gambit

to exonerate himself from suspicion as the Hood is pretty thin. Nobody even suspects that someone as rich as Oliver Queen could hire or recruit an accomplice to make an appearance and give him an alibi? A detective as driven and antagonistic as Quentin Lance wouldn’t explain that away?

Well, Ollie was already arrested on


thin charges. They had no proof, and he had an excuse for the footage they found of him. It was a lame excuse, but one that they couldn’t prove false. So, once another Hood showed up, I guess they felt they


to let him go. Detective Lance was probably still suspicious, but he couldn’t keep Ollie detained on his own suspicions.

And even if they suspected there might be an accomplice, they’d need proof of


too. Perhaps the most important part though is the idea of double jeopardy – by forcing them to arrest him on charges of vigilantism, this means unless the police can somehow come up with different charges or a charge of vigilantism that’s different enough from the previous one, Ollie


be arrested at all for that any more.

Double Jeopardy doesn’t work that way. There are still plenty of cases of Vigilantism he has already committed that he can be charged with outside of that incident once they actually manage to prove its him. All Ollie really did was throw suspicion off himself.

Legal jeopardy only attaches when evidence is presented to a jury at trial and even then not always (in the US, at least). The only limitation to an investigation is that the police have to abide by the rules of evidence for anything they intend to present at trial and they can’t violate your civil rights doing it. Realistically, the police should have simply backed off and kept watching Oliver until they accumulated more evidence.

It could be that Detective Lance’s judgement was really clouded at the time, as Laurel had accused him of in that same episode. Though his suspicions of Oliver was correct, his bias could’ve made him jump the gun and act too soon.

Names in the List

If Malcolm Merlyn is the head of the conspiracy, or at least very high ranking in it, how come his name isn’t in the book? I would assume that in five years Ollie would have read, if not memorized the entire thing, yet in “Dead to Rights” he leaps in to save him without any hesitation or even acknowledgement of Merlyn being on the list. He HAS to be on the list, but clearly he isn’t or else Ollie would’ve brought that up by now, at the very least in this episode.

We still don’t know very much about the conspiracy, or about the List. How do we know Malcolm didn’t


the thing?

Also, Ollie burnt a few pages of the List to keep himself warm on the island, before he discovered the names on it, he might have burnt one where Malcolm’s name appeared.

Even if he burnt any pages, he has a full copy he got from Felicity who got it from Walter.

That one ended up burnt too, thank you Moira. Dunno if Ollie had the sense to make a copy before talking to his mother.

Unlikely since he probably didn’t think his mother would chuck it into the fire. Though that said, he may have written them into his computer system for easy reference.

More to the point, given that Moira also had a copy, and that the list was not written by his father, it seems likely that the list only includes people who were necessary to the Undertaking in some way, but were not the ringleaders.

The most recent episode shows that the Undertaking made the list as part of their original plan to save the city so their names would not be in it. Just names of those they were blackmailing because they were the city’s worst, they were using those names to fund betterment projects for the city namely, the Glades. That was Plan 1.0, Plan 2.0 was nuke the Glades. The only reason Malcolm was worried about the Vigilante going after people from Plan 1.0 is that eventually, just like he did, he would stumble upon Plan 2.0.

Mob Tattoo

You don’t get to captain of the Russian Mafia by being Mr. Hugs-N-Cuddles, and Ollie’s injuries were well-documented. Wouldn’t his having

mob tattoos

raise at least a couple of red flags?

One would imagine so. Perhaps this is why police suspicion fell on him to begin with. Once they realized he wasn’t interacting with the Russians all that much (he does so twice in the first season and both times, it’s mostly just talking), they might write it off as a rich kid doing stupid things to get a rush but nothing inherently illegal.

You’re assuming that what a Russian Mafia tattoo looks like is public knowledge.

True. The only people who knew his physical condition at all were his physician and his family. While his mother may be aware of some details of the Russian mafia, she probably didn’t know what their tattoos look like. The Doctor would likely assume they’re merely tribal tattoos or tattoos he already had before the island rather than anything gang-related. The police likely didn’t know much detail on his scars besides the fact he had some. Even if someone in law recognized he had a Russian Mafia tat, they would’t think he was a high ranking member (as noted in series, its surprising that an American would be so high ranking in such).

Yeah, I’m calling snark on Laurel, she knew very well that Pre-island Oliver didn’t have tattoos and she’s seen his chest. With all of its scars. How the hell did she think her ex got tattoos? Even if there were tribal people there, those tattoos are not simple designs. He’s got a freaking dragon on his back.

By the time Laurel saw his tattoos, she knew that he wasn’t alone on the island (he admitted it during the polygraph). So that explains quite well


he got them, though still not why. He’s made it quite clear he doesn’t want to talk about it, though, and she’s generally good about respecting his space on the issue.

Slapping Water

How did slapping water help him draw a bow?

The technique is actually used in Real Life by Shaolin Monks to hit harder in a fight. Since it’s an explosive move, it would improve Island!Ollie’s explosive strength, and strength in general. Only way it makes even some slight sense. If I were Shado, I would have reinforced Ollie via good ol’ pullups and pushups (since you have to pull the string and push the bow, actual archery experts can correct me), but I guess the point was to give a more Oriental flavor to the training.

It also had the benefit of being a relatively simple exercise that didn’t require much strength to begin with but would build up strength quickly.

141 code

For a tech savvy guy like Ollie, why is the code to his hidden lair 141?

Maybe he likes the number?

The Password Is Always “Swordfish”

Rewatching the pilot, I realized that the number of the bank account Arrow gave to Adam Hunt was 1141 (very close to the lair’s code). One Googling later, I saw that Green Arrow’s first appearance was in November 1941. I also found a few other interesting things, which might give a more symbolic meaning to the number and might be explained during island flashbacks for the in-story explanation, but for now I’d just roll with “Ollie’s first appearance ever”.

It could be Ollie’s Mantra as an archer. One arrow, One Target. Each shot fired will be 1 for 1 (1/1).

China White’s wig

How did China White’s wig cover her white hair? It should require a bald cap or something similar, but in this case, it’s just a wig, and no bald cap is seen…

Perhaps the wig is designed with a baldcap, or something similar, built into it.

Just rewatched it. There could


be a bald cap attached to the wig, but from what I see, it doesn’t look big enough.

Maybe it isn’t a wig. It’s probably (in-show; that’s Kelly Hu’s real hair, obviously) some form of dye that can easily be wiped out, and that’s how she manages to lose it so easily.

No, we see her holding it in her hand. It’s definitely a wig.

Eyepatch and Implant

Why is Deadshot wearing his

Eyepatch of Power

on his dead eye? It’s not shown to be some sort of implant, so how is he even using it?

Maybe the eyepatch projects something that gives his one good eye depth perception?

Wait… what? If it projects something, he could just attach it to his guns.

Actually, I got the impression that it


an implant of some sort.

When he fights Dig, it isn’t glowing, so either he turned it off or he detached it. Due to how this show goes for realism, I doubt it’s as easy as taking out and putting it in on a whim (it would have to be attached to his brain in order for him to make use of it). He could maybe have been wearing an eyepatch over it, but since Dig clearly punches him in that eye, even if it was an implant, that should have done something, but Deadshot barely reacts to it, and a fresh implant being punched would, I assume, hurt like hell.

Well at that point, its not really fresh, but it would probably still hurt. Best guess? The implant itself hurts a lot and he’s taking pain meds of some kind to shrug that off, which also explains why he doesn’t appear to be in much pain despite Dig giving him a good beating during their scuffle.

Maybe he’s just wearing it to look badass?

Laurel’s honesty versus Thea

Ollie talking to Laurel: “Nobody in my life is who I thought they were, except you.” What’s Thea? Chopped liver?

IIRC, in one of the early episodes, he’s pretty disapproving of Thea’s clubbing and drugging habits. She later explains that she does that kind of thing to imitate him. So, perhaps he didn’t believe Thea was that kind of person, at least until he got back from the island.

That said, she didn’t get revealed to be a backstabbing, family-kidnapping, Glades-wrecking member of a conspiracy.

But she was still hiding her true self.

Kinda small potatoes, TBH.

But there is also Tommy, who didn’t change at all. He just doesn’t approve of Oliver’s “hobby”. To me this is just one of those lines writers put in to pretend that a character is somehow special in one way or another.

Thea going from a 12 year old innocent good kid to a 17 year old snarky, drug using liar would be a huge change for a big brother, Tommy, his best friend didn’t even let him explain himself after he saved his father’s life before he wrote him off. He assumed he was an evil murderer with no cause for what he did. Mind you, Oliver didn’t explain, but you expect your best friend to go “Hold on, we need to talk about this and you need to tell me everything.” I think it’s more the fact he just wrote him off as a murderer without trying to find out why Oliver was doing what he was doing.

Laurel knowing Ollie

On a similar note, Ollie talking to Laurel: “You know me better than anyone.” Yeah ok. Better than anyone apart from Diggle who knows about the hell you went through on the island. Or Felicity who is part of your top-secret, super-hero, secret-identity team. Or Tommy who knows about your killing sprees… Actually does Laurel know


about you?

Above explanation; it was just some sappy line he thought he’d say to sound romantic. Ollie’s already shown he’s terrible with this stuff so he probably recited something that sounded good on TV.

And in the Season 2 finale, Laurel tells Ollie she knows “who he is in his bones/like she knows her own name.” Okay, this is against two seasons where she flips flops from hating to loving Oliver depending on individual episodes and has stated repeatedly he could never, ever be the Arrow. (Because the Arrow is too good or evil to be him, again depending on her opinion in particular episodes). And apart from Thea, she’s the last of anyone he cares about to find out about his secret identity. (To date: Diggle, Felicity, Helena, Tommy, Sara, Roy and Moira


found out his identity before her. And either they figured it out or Oliver


to tell them the truth, rather than having it given away by his enemy). I’m kind of confused about what basis Laurel has for claiming to know his so well. Did she take the line off the TV as well? You think she’d be a better speaker than Oliver.

I think that’s taking it too literal. They both meant that she has an understanding of his personality only, but that doesn’t mean she will guess all of his actions, especially when he is actively trying to prevent it. She almost found out he was the Arrow on her own in Season 1 because of the polygraph test. He purposefully steers her away from that train of thought by saying that the island didn’t change him into a better person, to keep her at arms length. She knows he has the heart to be a hero (she lies to him in court but it is later clear that she is conflicted about that with the polygraph confrontation scene). Later, when he decides he can hang up being the Arrow to be with her, he still doesn’t tell her but says that the island made her into the person she always saw him as – not in terms of actions but in terms of personality, just like how she says she knows him well enough to know he would never hurt Thea by committing suicide because she sees that hero potential.

Identity and the DA

Rewatching “Salvation”, I was wondering: how did Ollie expect to hide his identity when saving the corrupt DA, assuming he found him before Falk killed him? From the looks of it, he couldn’t shut down the lights and didn’t keep his helmet on him, so…

Maybe Oliver wasn’t thinking that far ahead? Or maybe he was thinking that, if he got there, he could shut off the camera and then take the guy out and free the DA.

Shutting off the camera would take care of the audience, Falk would probably fall under the “nobody can know my secret” policy, that doesn’t take care of the DA.

If I recall correctly, Oliver didn’t even have his bow with him, so he could’ve chalked it up (however flimsily) to his being at the right place at the right time.

Shooting down planes for economic reasons

The whole plan to take down airplanes to hurt the economy of China. Most goods are still transported by ship, not by airplane (for obvious reasons). Never mind that China is not an island, they are really not dependent on airplanes. It certainly would be a problem, but I really don’t see it having such a big impact as they pretend it to be.

Fear goes a long way. In real life 9/11 kicked off a (mild albeit) recession in the US. I can easily see how taking down a few important planes, say with World Leaders perhaps even the Chinese leader on it could be problematic.

Apart from the fact that it would be fairly easy to track where the missile came from, there was also going to be a video of Yao Fe admitting responsibility as revenge for being sent to the island. So in real life there would have been a Chinese airstrike on the way to Lian Yu within a matter of hours of the first plane being shot down and then Fyers, all his men and his missile launcher would be dust. It was a ridiculous plan, but I suspect it was meant to be so and Fyers was merely a pawn being used in a bigger agenda.

Plus, in Season 3 we learn that Fyers was kept in the dark; the true reason to shoot down the plane was simply to kill one specific passenger.

Or so Waller claimed. Given the resources needed to fund and supply Fyers mercenary army for over a year, it seems a lot of effort to kill one person, when she could just get a former terrorist on the Suicide Squad to plant a bomb on the plane. General Shrieve’s objective of destroying China’s economy with the Omega virus seems suspiciously similar. An

Alternate Character Interpretation

would be that Waller and Shrieve were in cahoots all along, only to have a

falling out at the last minute.

Tommy’s mother’s message

The dying message of Tommy’s mother…so, I’m lying in the gutter, dying, and nobody comes to help me. But I still have my phone. I get redialling the last number I used first, but I would I keep dealing it if I only end up at voice message instead of simply punching 911? I don’t think so.

Who’s to say she didn’t call 911, and they just took their sweet time getting there? There’s places in real life that paramedics and police officers don’t touch out of fear of the locals, and the Glades could easily be like one of them.

Bear in mind that if she called 911 (likely), it still takes time for an ambulance to get there no matter how much they want to be there ASAP. Unless one was basically around the corner, a wait of 15 minutes wouldn’t be unusual. Probably once she realized she might not have enough time left, she started calling.

Thea’s living situation

Where the hell has Thea been living? Diggle said that she hasn’t been living in the Queen mansion. So, she’s been living with Roy. Except there’s a 50/50 shot his place was destroyed in the Undertaking. So they both moved into Verdant. But then how did Felicity renovate the lair without them noticing?

Its entirely possible the family either owns an apartment in the city or Thea bought one or had Walter buy one for her. Or she could have been staying with him or Laurel.

Apparently she spends most of her nights sleeping at Roy’s according to 2X05.

Thea and the Arrowcave

A little more added on to the “How does Thea not notice the Arrowcave?” thing. I can almost forgive her not going into the basement since the door was locked, she might have decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. However, considering she is managing a bar on top of it, some clues should be sneaking through. For example, Felicity’s computer equipment probably has high energy requirements, shouldn’t she notice that her electricity bill is way too high? Even if she is some spoiled little rich girl whose concept of money is a little different than that of the average person, shouldn’t she notice



Felicity’s computer equipment probably doesn’t have particularly high energy requirements at all. It’s not exactly a super computer and there’s at least one computer if not more on site for keeping track of payroll, inventory and the like. AC and/or Heating would make it nearly impossible to catch something as small as a few computers added to a bill. We don’t really know what other equipment is down there or how often it’s running. Eventually can also be a very long time.

A better question might how many possible entrances are there to the Arrowcave? Has Thea never noticed Oliver and entourage either coming in and vanishing for hours on end or just kind of magically leaving when they’d never come in? A lot of this is easy to explain though if you accept that she’s still distraught over Tommy’s death, her mother’s trial, finding out

Her father is Malcolm Merlyn

, getting kidnapped,

the death of her mother

and all her drama with Roy one could forgive her for not noticing that her bills were roughly the same as they always were. Remember electric bills don’t come with itemization and the Arrowcave was there before Thea became the owner.

There’s a throwaway line in season one where Oliver mentions to Diggle that he had a side entrance installed.

Later he even jokes to Thea about it!

Verdant Popularity

Why is Verdant still a popular nightclub? It’s known to be owned by Ollie and Thea and clearly the city isn’t drawing a distinction between them and their mother as evidenced by the reception Ollie got at the hospital, so why are people still going there night after night?

Probably because the young club going set doesn’t really care who’s providing their booze, so long as they’re having a good time.

“Trump Card”

The Prosecution has to turn over all of it evidence in every state. So the ADA’s “Trump Card” doesn’t work, because if he didn’t give it to the defense the charges would probably be dismissed. Oh, and coercion is not a legal defense for murder.

Umm, yes it is. It’s called acting under duress, and while it’s not one of the more popular defenses due to the intense grey area it creates, it can be very effective.

You can use duress for a excuse a number of things just murder in a court of law. here’s the relevant quote from Wikipedia “However, duress is not a complete defense to all crimes. For example, the general rule, both at common law and today, is that duress is never a defense to murder; that is, one is never justified in killing another innocent person even if one’s own life has been threatened.” and the link

Considering that she is probably only being charged with everything because Malcolm Merlyn is “dead” and that she had not touched the device that caused the large amount of death, and she tried to warn the public, duress is probably a viable option and probably the only defense in this kind of scenario.

She did only aid Malcolm Merlyn, the plan wasn’t her own and she tried to warn the Glades. If Malcolm was alive, she probably would have been charged with collusion and some other things, but not outright murder.

The Count’s reaction to Vertigo

How is the Count not an incoherent mess capable only of babbling out word salad?

It’s mentioned that he overcame his overdose at some point—which is why he was transferred from the mental hospital to Iron Heights Prison.

Also, part of his condition at the mental hospital may have been due to overmedicating as his doctor was using his kidneys as a How to Make Vertigo for Dummies guide. It’s possible he came out of his overdose a while ago, and it just wasn’t obvious because of what his doctor was giving him.

Quentin, Sara, and the Arrow

Quentin Lance – so you find out that your long dead daughter is alive, but has become a one woman army after being saved from the Queen’s Gambit. Check. You also know that the Vigilante, the Arrow, is an ally of your daughter’s. Check. You also know the Arrow has at least one accomplice. Check. You know that accomplice works at Queen Consolidated. Check. That accomplice has also skyrocketed from the IT department to Executive Assistant to one Oliver Queen. Check. How the hell have you not revisited the fact that Oliver Queen could be the Vigilante? Your daughter returned from her five year excursion weaponized, she was on the same shipwreck as Oliver Queen, Oliver Queen was once arrested for being the Arrow nee Hood. You know the Arrow has at least one accomplice, why not more? Oliver Queen disappears for five months, The Arrow disappeared for five months. Oliver Queen came back, the Arrow came back. Come on, Lance, you are killing me.

Original Poster – I should clarify. I do not expect Lance to arrest Oliver, what I expect his for him to work with the information he has to come to an obvious conclusion. He’s already been busted down to beat cop, confronting Oliver about being the Arrow is not going to kill him, he’s already doing the denial thing even working with the Arrow. At this point, knowing his actual identity would probably help Lance more than hurt him. Especially since he’s dealing with Oliver better as well as the Arrow. Knowing that Oliver Queen is the Arrow would clarify a bunch for Lance including what it cost him to stop the Undertaking, etc. etc. My issue isn’t that he hasn’t arrested him, but that he hasn’t

figured it out.

Especially, since he was so dead on as a detective when he had his shield. He didn’t fall for the Copycat Archer thing for a second, even though he didn’t even


the Hood. Also going to sign replies/rebuttals as OP because the indentations aren’t working for some of the in line sections and it looks a bit confusing at some points.

At this point, it’s likely that he no longer


to know, since he’s working


the Arrow. Like Commissioner Gordon’s “I can’t see anything without my glasses” bit. Plausible deniability and all that. Now, why other people don’t figure it out is a fair question.

Don’t forget both him and Diggle were running into a building together (well, Diggle was a bit behind him, but still) and while he didn’t directly look at him, he seemed to be aware he was there and he was helping, and Diggle didn’t wear a mask. Not to mention that the very thing that happened to Sara-returned from seeming death now a killing machine, is the exact thing he guessed happened to Oliver. And then there’s the Arrow always keeping Laurel safe, and Roy working for him while dating Ollie’s sister. And THEN there’s Ollie’s connection to Malcolm Merlyn, who also used arrows. Seriously, he must have figured it out by now and is just being quiet about it.

Diggle was actually far enough behind him not to be spotted, but it was stupid of all of them to put him that close to the situation. I just want Lance to be a detective and freakin’ detect. ~~~O.P.

Detective Lance probably just doesn’t want to know and even if he did most of his evidence isn’t solid enough to bring to his boss. In order.

Both your daughter and Oliver survived the Queen’s Gambit. Except his daughter is still legally dead and officially out of the picture. So he can’t reveal that without causing damage to himself. Their “alliance” might also have been more about protecting Laurel than a genuine alliance anyway but either way it can’t be presented.

I’m not talking about having Oliver arrested because obvious Lance is pro-Arrow, I’m talking about the fact that he hasn’t figured out his identity yet. Or if he has, hasn’t confronted him with it. ~~~O.P.

Oliver, a young man, comes back from a five year ship wreck on an island and magically promotes an extremely attractive young woman who’s obviously attracted to him to be his personal assistant. It looks “suspicious” sure, but because the obvious answer is she’s getting shafted not that he’s the Arrow/Hood/Vigilante

He’s met with and dealt with Felicity Smoak – Felicity who was brave enough to speak out on The Hood’s behalf even though she knew it was probably going to be linking her with him. She also helped him defuse a man made earthquake machine, outing herself as working with the vigilante, because helping save the Glades was worth more to her than the possibility of arrest. Lance, who has a daughter who dated Oliver Queen is pretty good at warning women to

stay away from Oliver Queen.

Knowing her intellect level and her personality, do you honestly think Lance thinks she slept her way to the top? ~~~O.P.

It’s not about what Lance thinks its about what he can convince a jury is undeniably true. If he can’t do that and has no interest in doing so even if he could why would he bother?

Oliver was once arrested for being the Hood. Then the Hood made an appearance on the other side of town while he was in custody. Even now the Queen family is sufficiently powerful that picking Oliver up on such flimsy evidence probably isn’t a good idea.

I’m not talking about arresting him, I’m talking about acknowledging facts and coming to a conclusion. ~~~O.P.

Oliver goes missing. During this time period plenty of copycats arrive which presumably the Police have a hard time telling from the original in many cases. The only reason they even suspected the Dark Archer and Green Arrow were separate characters was because GA had dialed back on killing people at that exact time.

Nope, Lance specifically asked Felicity in City of Heroes, “Have you heard from our mutual friend?”, meaning he knows Arrow was gone/inactive, or that the copycats were copycats. ~~~O.P.

It’s very likely that he doesn’t really feel the need to confront Oliver about being the Arrow, even if he knows (which does seem likely to me), confronting Oliver about it would probably just cause a rift to form between them, and then Oliver would be less inclined to trust Quentin’s word or actions.

I think this was finally explained away near the end of the season (forgot which episode specifically) where he tells Laurel NOT to tell him who the Arrow is, because he wants to keep the idea that the Arrow is a mysterious, benevolent symbol of hope to the city rather than just a guy in a mask. He doesn’t want to know who he is so he’s likely consciously ignoring the evidence; its entirely possible he’s figured it out and is being a

Secret Secret-Keeper

like Moira was

because its easier for him to have his suspicions but not know for sure than it is for him to know for definite so he has some degree of

Plausible Deniability



So, there was a prototype earthquake machine just sitting in Malcolm Merlyn’s


? How could the cops not be aware of this? Why didn’t they search his house and seize it after he was proven to have murdered hundreds of people? Why did Malcolm have to go through everything he went through in season one if he already had an apparently functional version of his machine? Why didn’t he hide it better?

Most likely, this is the one he got from the scientists, and the two he used were produced by his own expense based on this one. As for the fact the police didn’t seize it after he died, its possible the WMG that Malcolm had some cops on payroll is true and he had them cover it, or possibly it was hidden really well, given Turner had to go after Merlyn’s architect to find it in the first place,

Grabbing the bow first

Whenever Ollie “hoods up”, the first thing he does is picking up his bow. Wouldn’t it make more sense to, say, change his clothes first? Bulky weapons are usually the last thing you pick up when getting into your battle gear.

Rule of Cool

. It just looks rather cool to see him grab his bow. Its also possible he’s just grabbing it to move it closer to his suit, so he can grab it quicker once he’s suited up. Then, of course, he’s also usually stood closer to his bow than his suit when he hears something that requires a few arrows to a few knees.

Ollie and the reveal about Thea

Why is Ollie throwing such a strop over

finding out Thea has Malcolm Merlyn for a father?

He’s usually a lot more level-headed like that and given the shades of grey he’s embraced over the time he’s been stranded, it’s a little odd for a

Black-and-White Morality

to start appearing.

It’s not so much

Black-and-White Morality

, as its his mother told him that there were no ore secrets. He’s annoyed that she continues to hide little details and lie about them (and while he does that too, being a bit of a hypocrite concerning this stuff is an acknowledged flaw in his character, one he’s called on more than once). Its also possible he’s annoyed that, thanks to this, if Thea should find it it would destroy her, so its his protectiveness over Thea kicking in. He’s also possibly annoyed that she tried to blackmail/threaten Felicity into staying quiet about it, especially after seeing how much turmoil it caused her to do so.

Also a huge point –

Oliver does not know Malcolm Merlyn is still alive.

To Oliver, Moira is lying just because she doesn’t want to admit the truth. Oliver’s totally justified in being upset with his mother over how she treated Felicity (if he knew or figured out how it all went down, we don’t know exactly what Felicity told him) but for the most part Moira


actually protecting Thea. However the problem is the manner of the whole thing. To Oliver, Malcolm is no longer a threat, so Moira could have come to him and explained the situation and they could have dealt with it as a family. Instead, she began a mayoral campaign, paid off the doctor and threatened Felicity (who’s already been abandoned once). She knew that this could pop up and still went for being the mayor instead of staying out of the limelight to protect Thea which means she wasn’t really thinking about Thea or the consequences of her actions. Also, by not telling Oliver, she’s added another lie on top of his vast empire of lies. She knew that Oliver and Thea were beginning to trust her again, but she gambled on the fact that she could get what she wanted without anyone being the wiser. It’s more of the fact that she’s using her old ways to solve new problems when she promised both Oliver and Thea that that part of her life was over.

Laurel and Sara

And Laurel’s

vindictiveness over finding Sara is still alive?

That just doesn’t sit right, for some reason.

Why? Remember, Sara was sleeping with her boyfriend before she ‘died’, and when Ollie returned, she was pissed at him at first over it. She may have forgiven Oliver for what he did, but he’s been there with her and earned her forgiveness, which Sara, to her, is yet to do. Then there’s the fact that, as noted by her, Sara is, unintentionally, the one to blame for a lot of the bad things that happened to Laurel in the past few years, including putting them in the cross-hairs of some assassins.

I suspect she wouldn’t be in that mental state half as much if she hadn’t just lost her job and has been and is being under threat of disbarment for something unrelated. Did you notice she went right back to hitting the bottle as soon as she realized

Sara was alive


Laurel is in the throes of addiction right now. Remember, she was happy to see Sara when she thought she was dead, but as soon as she found out that she was alive, she flipped out. It


justified that she be upset about the whole cheating thing (and Sara apologized), but she’s already forgiven Oliver, so in this case it’s mostly her using Sara as a scapegoat so she can say “My problems are all


fault.” whether it’s true or not. She didn’t even bother to find out what kept Sara away before laying her entire sordid drama on her doorstep. While Sara’s “death” was traumatic it didn’t ruin Laurel’s life – she was a successful pro bono lawyer for years, then worked as a D.A., had a boyfriend who loved her and a father who was getting his act together. These are all things she accomplished with Sara being “dead.” Her life started falling apart well before Sara was in her picture. This is why she does a bit of an end run, blaming Sara for her parents’ divorce and her dad’s drinking saying “Not only did you ruin my life but our parents’ too.” Right now, Laurel’s taking the easy way out by blaming the most available target (a bit like she did with Thea and Oliver in “Tremors”).

Indeed, she is taking the easy way out; as of “Time of Death”, Oliver has furiously called her out on it, and she’s trying to make amends.

Mayoral candidate

So does anyone else find


supposed credibility as a mayoral candidate a bit far-fetched/bewildering? Blood has seemingly trounced every opponent put up against him so their response is to put forward

the woman partially responsible for the destruction of a significant portion of the city


Her acquittal

is likely found very hard to swallow by a lot of ordinary citizens so would this not merely push a lot of undecideds into voting for Blood simply to avoid voting for


? Frankly the “a lot of people identify with your

mother wolf defending her cubs

” spiel being repeatedly used comes off as very forced. Heck all of


backers coming from the very wealthy echelons of Starling would make it even more difficult to cultivate a common touch. The whole thing comes across as very hard to believe.

Blood hasn’t trounced anybody yet. He got elected to alderman, a low level position, so far. And probably with help from his backer. The previous Mayor’s death opened the field up a lot-so its likely Blood wouldn’t have won had he run against the incumbent. Also, I don’t find his opponent’s candidacy any harder to swallow than a 19 year old mayor, or Jesse Ventura being elected-which you know, happened in the real world, to say nothing of a TV show based on comic books.

Jesse Ventura wasn’t part of a class warfare terrorist plot that leveled a large section of the city and killed hundreds of people.

That is what they want you to think.

How many politicians are there IRL that have done something ethically, morally, or legally wrong and come back from it as a viable candidate? Politicians have amazing spin doctors that excel at saying “Yes that happened, now let’s let that fade into the background. Look how wonderful So & So is, elect So & So for office, So & So is on YOUR side!”

“So & so” is rarely put on trial for the murder of 500 people weeks before announcing his or her mayoral candidacy.

Problem is she was most likely just being used as a scape goat for what happened in the glades. She never touched the device that killed all those people and went so far to warn the city about it. With Malcolm Merlyn “dead” all the charges were pinned onto her. She probably just seems like the most pragmatic choice.

A couple of things need to be cleared up. First, when they said Blood “trounced” all the other candidates they were talking about

focus group polls

, not actual election results. As mentioned above, Blood is merely an alderman who’s gotten an unusual amount of good press. He’s not as prominent as he seems. Second, they ran some other polls and discovered that nearly half the city, something like 43%, believe


was justified in her actions. That’s a


significant. Undoubtedly some of those polled said they were “undecided”. They would just have to convince the undecideds that she did nothing wrong, while also pointing out why Blood’s policies would be bad for the city (a point they also explicitly mention). All they need to do is get up to 51% and she can win.

Suicide Squad

What was the point of using Shrapnel and Bronze Tiger in the Suicide Squad? What were they supposed to do in the final plan. Amanda doesn’t seem fazed when

Shrapnel commits

Suicide by Cop

, does that mean she had a contingency? Was he expendable? Was that the plan all along?

Bronze Tiger seems to have been there for general backup and extraction (she sends him in to cover Diggle and Lilah as soon as they need to escape; good thing, too, otherwise Lilah would be dead), and Shrapnel seems to have been the getaway driver. So that’s one team leader (Diggle), one person to keep in contact with HQ (Lilah), one driver (Shrapnel), one thug on the inside (Deadshot), and one on the outside (Bronze Tiger). Seems like a minimal enough size for a heist.


the members of the Suicide Squad are expendable. That’s the point. Any and all of them can be sacrificed at a moment’s notice. That’s incentive for them to remain useful to Waller.

Mockingbird Killing

Why is Amanda Waller so trigger-happy? Okay, Shrapnel tries to get away by car and she

blows him up

. A bit extreme, but it’s not like she had a choice. Then later in the episode

she uses Deadshot as the target for a drone strike, as opposed to him just leaving a tracking device there.

I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know if this is how the Suicide Squad is supposed to operate, but if she’s going out of her way to have them killed what’s the point anyway?

Considering the name of team it might be implied that they are sacrificial pawns to be disposed off. Thoough I am also not sure if that is how they work in the comics. It would explain why criminals are being used.

Waller had a choice with Shrapnel, she chose to make an example of him. Until that point she apparently hadn’t revealed to the Suicide Squad that she had kill switches implanted in them. Given what a cold bitch Waller is she probably has no intention of letting any of the Suicide Squad survive long enough to get pardoned. Deadshot seems fully aware that his chances of surviving long enough to be pardoned are low. So in short Waller is trigger happy because she is trying to kill these people, she’s just using them in the meanwhile.

Its also possible that she’s trying to put the fear-of-god into them as well, in the case they


get pardoned. By killing a few in needlessly brutal ways, any subsequent asset taken will hear the stories and be utterly frightened of being killed, and so work harder to stay needed, while any that do get pardons will be scared into silence at the threat of Waller silencing them, or of committing any other crimes after than to avoid being stuck there again.

Yeah it seemed particularly pointless and wasteful of a good asset. Deadshot is one of the most useful of the Suicide Squad and had shown no signs of insubordination and Waller was going to kill him completely needlessly. One can’t help but wonder how someone with such poor asset managment skills ever rose as far as Waller has in the first place.

Well, she ‘is’ government official so wasting assets isn’t anything new.

But getting rid of a world class assassin called The Man Who Never Misses is extreme. Also, weren’t there innocents in the mansion that would have been nuked to oblivion? Wasn’t this a charity event?

She may be smart enough to know that the Suicide Squad is a bit like holding a tiger by the tail. Sooner or later one of them will get loose and quite possibly come after her. As for the innocents Waller doesn’t strike me as the type who’s worried about collateral damage.

Also, while Deadshot has

Improbable Aiming Skills

…so does half the cast. Oliver, Slade, Malcolm, Nyssa, Shado, Yao Fei, Sara (though not often shown), even Thea, and a few others at least have decent aim. He’s an infamously good sharpshooter but he’s not the only one with this level of skill that she could recruit.

If the Suicide Squad mission featured on the show wasn’t proof enough, the finale proved this woman loves the idea of blowing shit up with drones WAY too much. It’s not like the Mirakuru soldiers are


A guy with a bow and arrow can stand up to one, I’m sure a .50BMG, or maybe even a 7.62 NATO round to the face would be enough to stop any of them – even if it didn’t kill them (unlikely) it would stop them long enough to be taken into custody. How can her first thought possibly be to kill tens of thousands of innocents to take out some 50 supersoldiers?

Virgin Martini

In “Suicide Squad,” Laurel is sitting at Verdant. Sara pours a drink into a glass and says, “Don’t worry, it’s virgin.” Fair enough, but it looks like Sara poured a martini (clear liquid, conical glass.) A martini is almost pure booze (gin, vermouth, that’s about it.) There’s nothing like fruit juice or syrup that can be used to make a virgin version. What was that drink, water? Laurel thought it tasted terrible, so it had to have some flavor.

Maybe some kind of lemonade or clear-coloured juice of some kind?

Soda water maybe? It is a bit of an acquired taste.

Tonic water. It tastes bitter, and is clear-coloured.

They make non-alcoholic replications of alcohols. Why? I have no idea. But they do.

Acting CEO

Why would Oliver make Isabel Rochev his acting CEO when, if I remember correctly, she was attempting to take control of the company from her first appearance? While I get he was probably not thinking straight with all that was going on, this feels like an idea where the flaw in it would be not hard to see.

That’s just what it was. Slade having Thea made a board meeting a total non priority for him. And he didn’t realize how bad an idea it was until it was too late.

Also, there’s the fact the two had bonded quite a bit since their first meeting, so he probably thought he could trust her; not to mention, he probably wasn’t aware that she’d have the power to take the company from him like that.

It’s even more weird when you rewatch the first episode of season 1. At one point, there’s a shot of the list which shows Isabel Rochev’s name (two spots below Adam Hunt). Kind of makes you wonder why Oliver trusted her at all.

We’ll have to put that down to

Early Installment Weirdness

. Perhaps Isabel Rochev was originally just going to be a

Villain of the Week

, or maybe it was just a

Mythology Gag

by someone who didn’t know she’d be a major villain in Season Two.

The Arrow name change

Does it bug anybody else that Oliver decides to change his handle to “The Arrow” and suddenly


calls him that? Did he make a press release or something?

Likely, it’s to distinguish him from ‘the Hoods’, the copycats in the first episode of Season 2. Notably, it wasn’t an instant thing; some people still called him ‘the Hood’ for quite a while, and IIRC some still do, it’s just the more main-ish characters call him the Arrow now.

The police still seem to refer to him as The Vigilante for the most part.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Oliver tells Quentin his new moniker, so he starts using it, and presumably the name just filtered through the SCPD and eventually the media from there.

“One more has to die”

Is Ollie really so dense that he thinks he’s the “one other who has to die” Slade was talking about? a) He was RIGHT THERE, completely helpless and open for Slade to kill! b) Oliver was given a choice on the island, and Slade think Ollie is responsible because of the choice he


make. c) Slade makes it pretty clear that

I Want Him To Suffer

applies. Has Ollie never heard of “poetic justice”? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what Slade would think of it as.

He just lost his mother. He’s traumatized more than he’s ever been, and he just wants it all to end. He’s not thinking clearly, he just wants Slade to kill him and end this; it’s not him being dense, it’s him being completely at

Rock Bottom


Going back to the League

Am I the only one bugged that, after Sara worked so hard to avoid going back and spent so much time trying to leave her past behind her, she just so willingly goes back to the League, with it being played off as what she wants? She tried to kill herself once to avoid going back, for Christ’s sake! I get they want to leave off so Laurel can become Black Canary, and I’m grateful they didn’t kill her off so Laurel could take her place, but it’s a pretty sad way to write her out.

Given that Malcolm Merlyn is back, and he’s got a target on his back from Ra’s Al Ghul, Sara will probably be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

A little. Even if it was somewhat presented as being her choice this troper thought it looked a lot more like a case of she sold her soul (again) to the League, this time to protect her city and didn’t want her friends and family freaking out about the cost. Lets be honest, without help vs Slade’s army that battle would have been very one sided. Even as it stands it took some pretty generous applications of

Plot Armor

to get the crew through with out a single casualty.

Original Poster here: Well, now that they’ve

killed her off for good

, I’d like to also add/ask if there was really any point in having her survive the battle at all

if they’re just going to kill her off right after without any fight scene or last act of redemption

? I mean, at least if she died in the Season 2 finale, it could have been presented as

Redemption Equals Death

, with her finally getting the final redemption she’d wanted, instead of what we got instead.

They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character

doesn’t even begin to describe it.

It is super upsetting that

she died, and even worse that her death was to trick Oliver into a terrible position.

It does emphasize the idea that Sara’s journey was never about Sara to begin with, as the producers suggested when she was introduced. She had to become a hero in Laurel’s eyes so that Laurel had a reason to become Black Canary: because “no one will ever know who [Sara] was” unless Laurel shows them. There were always going to be two Canaries, but

that doesn’t mean she had to die in such a stupid way, and for someone else entirely.

Nolan Trilogy

I know that Arrow and the Nolan Trilogy don’t share the same universe but is anybody else looking at the basic scenario presented in Season One of a group trying to wipe the bad part of their city, followed by a Slade and with an ultimately failed

Batman Gambit

on Waller to again destroy the city, the establishment of Ra’s Al Ghul and the League and wondering how this could be if anything a League plot to take a major city off the map? If Ra’s shows up as the

Big Bad

in season three I’m gonna have to bang my head against a wall figuring out why he saved it to thrash it a year later.

Well, Ra’s himself didn’t seem to want to save the city; his daughter wanted Sara back and she agreed to do so if they saved the city. It seems in the show’s universe, the League consider genocide of a city to be dishonourable and prefer silent assassinations, so its unlikely Ra’s is going to show up planning to destroy the city. Most likely, he’ll want to kill Malcolm and possibly Thea for the former’s betrayal of their code, and possibly the Queen family as a whole because of Moira’s part in it.

It seems unlikely that Ra’s daughter does much without his at least tacit approval. It’s not clear when exactly Malcolm left the League only that he wasn’t in hiding at all until the end of Season 1 so Ra’s wasn’t trying but so hard to kill him though perhaps the genocide of a city is what broke the ties. If we use the more recent characterizations of Ra’s the plan to destroy Starling City was probably partially inspired by the league. Maybe not the genocide part but the economic destruction sounds like something he would do. The bottom line is we won’t know until we know.

Sara mentions to Nyssa that Ra’s voluntarily allowed Malcolm to leave the league; Nyssa fires back that Malcolm then nearly killed an entire city, and now Ra’s wants to kill him personally. So that’s why Malcolm wasn’t in hiding at first, and it seems unlikely that Ra’s will have any desire to destroy the city. Remember, the League of Assassins is not the same as the League of Shadows from

Batman Begins

. The LoA are mercenary assassins with a code of honor. The LoS are

Knight Templars

dedicated to destroying entire civilizations to purge evil from the world. They’re simply completely different organizations with different goals.

There’s a few reasons why Ra’s would want Malcolm dead once the exact nature of The Undertaking was revealed. First, if the League of Assassins is anything like in the comics, they’re big on eliminating any of their members who go for

Revenge Before Reason

. The LoA is big on subtlety (or, at least, plausible deniability) when killing someone and earthquakes appearing where there aren’t usually earthquakes will get attention. Another possibility with Ra’s,

Depending on the Writer

, is that

Even Evil Has Standards

and that while Ra’s can forgive a personal vendetta when honor and family is involved, he will not tolerate the random slaughter of innocents. The well-planned slaughter of innocents in the name of tradition, as in Season Three, is something else entirely, at least

Metaphorically True


Salmon bars

When Ollie gets really high up on those salmon bars…how does he get back down?

There’s probably a pillow or mat on the ground

Okay, so then how does he get the bar back down?

Several things come to mind for this question and the above one. First camera angles are tricky things and Ollie is probably never actually that high off the ground, certainly no farther than some of the bigger jumps we’ve seen him take with no harm. Sure he doesn’t go around jumping off buildings but I think if we start looking around we can easily find several cases of him jumping off something ten to fifteen feet high which is probably more than twice the most probable height he’d build his salmon bars too. I know he’s a bit insane but you don’t build your personal gym in a way that is likely to hurt you so even if there isn’t the probable mat he’s probably not nearly as far up as it looks. As for getting the bar back down that’s simple. The easiest method (and the one I’ve seen on youtube) is just to climb up and get it. Anybody with the upper body strength to do a salmon ladder can grab the pegs and climb up without too much difficulty to reclaim it. I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t take it down with him initially though. You reach the top and instead of hooking into a rung that isn’t there you fall backwards with it overhead. Overall not much more dangerous than some of the stunts he pulls with his bow. Finally the bar probably isn’t particularly heavy, just solid. Ollie can shoot tennis balls out the air. The only reason he might not shoot the bar off the pegs is not wanting to blunt a perfectly good arrow.

Poison bullets

Would coating a bullet with poison actually work? I would think the hot gas from the exploding powder would burn off any poison residue.

Probably not.

Acceptable Breaks from Reality

is probably kicking in there. Either that, or its special bullets.

‘Coating’ is probably the wrong word for the writers to use. The poison would be inside the bullet and be released when it breaks up on impact with flesh and bone.

Laurel’s characterization

What is up with Laurel’s characterization on this show? She’s the

canon Black Canary

, but there is not one character from this show I’ve seen who is more reviled by fans than her. From this website alone I’ve seen enough people clamoring for Oliver to hook up with either Sara or Felicity over hooking up with Laurel, because she’s presented as so unlikeable. I’d like to add that in the comics Felicity never even interacted with Oliver, and Sara

doesn’t exist in the comics

. So do the writers of the show just not


Dinah, aka Laurel, or what else is going on that fans hate her and outright wish that Oliver


hook up with the woman who’s supposed to be his soul mate?

I think the writers wanted to try something unexpected with Laurel’s character and they got a bit carried away with it. Hopefully Sara’s exit from the show (at least I assume it’s going to be an exit) plus the fact that Laurel is attending AA and trying to clean up her life means that they’re going to start turning her around and making her more likable.

I think a big problem is down to miscasting combined with trying to have Canary’s origin told over the course of the series. Katie Cassidy isn’t really a bad actress, but she’s ill-fitted for the role and lacks any chemistry with most of the cast, while they gave her a pretty basic characterization that didn’t really click with audiences. Combine that with them then introducing Felicity and Sara, both whom had much more interesting personalities, better actors who had stronger chemistry with Oliver and the other characters, and both served a use to the plot rather than the

Trapped by Mountain Lions


Designated Damsel

roles Laurel got, it turned audiences against her.

Also a lot of her scenes were cut.

Part of the problem is that your premise is false: she is


the “canon Black Canary,” or was not, until the show killed Sara so that Laurel could take her place.


Also, Laurel has little in common with the Black Canary from the comics, who is named Dinah (Laurel, granted, is her middle name), is a not a lawyer (a florist, actually), has never been a drug addict, and so forth, so she is not the canonical Canary in that sense, either.

Killing off a more popular character to let a less liked character take her place only made things worse, at least for me. I would also agree with what ablackraptor wrote, but I would add that it’s actually worse than that. Laurel was useless and obnoxious for at least the whole first season. First, when Oliver comes back, having survived something much worse than he could possibly have deserved, she berates him and blames him for her inability to mourn her sister. I’m sorry, but if you have been unable to properly grieve for your little sister after five years because she made a mistake as a teenager, that’s on you. Then after being involved with Tommy for most of season one, she then sleeps with Oliver. Then she refuses to leave her office when she knows a massive earthquake is about to hit, leading to Tommy’s death saving her. She just wasn’t a very likeable character, but the show kept shoving her on us, insisting that we like her. Then they kill Sara and make Laurel into the Canary. And to make matters worse, in “Canaries,” they have other characters shilling her, with Felicity essentially telling her that she’s a better Canary than Sara and that Sara never had the inner light or some nonsense that Laurel supposedly does. Having a popular character shill for an unpopular one does not make the unpopular one more likeable, it just makes the popular one a bit less so. In short, I think the show made a terrible mistake in killing off Sara, and I don’t think Laurel’s popularity will ever recover from it. Every time I see her, I’m just reminded that she’s not the real Canary.



the canon Black Canary. The Black Canary’s full name in the comics is Dinah Laurel Lance, same as here, she’s romantically linked to Green Arrow, and she has her Canary cry, albeit not technological in the comics. So her biographical details are a little different — that happens in adaptations. She was introduced specifically to BE Black Canary. From the pilot onward, she was


going to be Black Canary, not this woman who doesn’t even exist in the comics. Also, where do you get the idea that Oliver should have a free pass for

sleeping with her sister

when they were together, just because he (for all she knew) spent five years on an extended camping trip? That’s the kind of thing that you expect to earn you undying hatred, yet she eventually does forgive him. Likewise, guess what? Sleeping with your sister’s boyfriend is a little more than a “mistake.” It’s an incredibly cruel thing to do. And she forgives Sara for that, too. Her behavior in the first season is a hundred percent justified. She goes off the rails in the second season, but then gets better. I think you have an incredibly skewed view of this character.

She and Tommy were broken up when she slept with Oliver, though, so why is that in any way wrong? She had no reason to believe they were going to get back together. The scene that explains why she was at CNRI was cut. She was there because she wanted to save the files for her clients, just like Roy was there (with Thea) because he wanted to help people. The only difference between the two of them is that someone happened to get hurt by no fault of their own. She had no reason to know Tommy would come for her. And the EP’s have said Tommy was killed for Oliver’s characterization in Season 2 more than Laurel’s, same with Sara who was killed to kick off the entire plot of Season 3 and the theme of Oliver’s identity. It just feels weird to blame Laurel for plot related decisions when they were mostly made by the writers for Oliver. Also Felicity never said Sara didn’t have a light, she simply said that Laurel had a different light, which is very true. She did not call her a better Black Canary, just asked her to be a different one. Felicity was in the scene where Sara told Oliver that her light was gone.

Sara’s death was clearly to benefit Laurel’s journey rather than Oliver’s. Oliver was struggling with his identity of Arrow vs. Oliver and telling Felicity he couldn’t be with her


Sara was killed. Meanwhile Laurel’s whole story arc has been to avenge Sara, let out her anger and carry on her sister’s legacy. Yes, Sara’s murder eventually led onto the Malcolm Meryln/League of Assassins plot-line but there were multiple ways that could have been achieved. Additionally Laurel has caused other changes to Season 3 which have been less-than-popular. There have been multiple complaints that her presence in the lair has sidelined Diggle in screentime and his position in the team. Her keeping Quentin in the dark about Sara’s death has angered a lot of people, especially as she’s now drawn Team Arrow into the deceit. Her training’s been criticized as it’s not nearly comparable to Sara and Oliver’s five years of hell, or even Thea’s intensive time with Malcolm and Roy’s development which started way back in Season 2. Felicity’s character has taken some hits because of her having to constantly prop Laurel, particularly the previously-mentioned line about Laurel not Sara having an inner light. Yes, she may have overheard Sara telling Oliver her light was gone but that


mean she agreed with her. Sara was shown to be extremely damaged and self-loathing at the point and the audience wasn’t meant to agree she was beyond redemption, while Felicity had previously been nothing but understanding of Sara’s past (the joining clubs we can’t get out of comment) and admiring of her courage and mission. The show’s had to bend team dynamics and characters out of shape to accommodate her in a show that worked perfectly well without her in it.

Also addressing why Laurel – now she’s becoming the Black Canary – is so different from the original character. Essentially the show was meant to be her origin story but was one misstep after another. In Season 1 they locked her into a toxic

Official Couple

relationship with Oliver, and had her cause the death of her more popular

Love Interest

Tommy. (Yes, as said she was trying to help people by getting those files, but ultimately they’re just


, not people like Roy was trying to save, and your common sense really should kick in when the building’s falling down and Quentin, Moira and Oliver all told her to get the hell out of there). In Season 2, they made her highly unlikable compared to characters like Sara and Oliver who suffered far worse without becoming so whiny. The show essentially moved on without her and she was unnecessary to the plot. So by the time Season 3 rolled around and they returned to their Black Canary plan they had 1) A highly, highly unlikable character who contributed nothing apart from maybe her law expertise and 2) A much more popular, skilled and complex Canary in Sara. Instead of keeping Sara or fixing Laurel’s characterization/position slowly, they killed off Sara whipped Laurel into the Canary position in half a season, while the memory of hated Laurel from Season 1 and 2 was still present in everyone’s mind. Poor characterization and plotlines, and a rushed journey resulted in Laurel’s disconnect from the original vision of The Black Canary character.

From a writer’s perspective, it would have been far more interesting to have had Laurel die in Season 3 and use her death to prompt a

Redemption Quest

for Sara as she now has to fight her love and her past life to become the hero she was destined to be. Ironically, this seems to be the direction they’ve finally taken in

Legends of Tomorrow


Old Gods

Blood mocks his mother for still worshiping “the old gods,” and tells her they’re dead. Except…she’s messing around with a cross, and appears to be muttering Christian catechisms at times. He could conceivably be talking about the Christian God (presumably the Trinity as three separate gods, even though that’s not how they actually work), but he never brings it up again. He is never shown to be dismissive of Christianity, doesn’t view himself or Slade as some “new god” or anything of the sort…it just seems odd and out of place. What does it mean?

He might have meant gods in general, as in, all mainstream religions, not just the one in particular that she follows.

It’s possible that she believes in some kind of fusion of Christian and pagan/animist beliefs. That kind of mixed religion is historically pretty common in areas where a major religion is introduced and eventually supersedes a smaller local religion.

Passage of Time

The show operates in ‘real-time’ i.e. 1 season = 1 year in the show (or more accurately 7 months, followed by a 5-month

Time Skip

to the events of the next season). This also seemingly applies to the island flashbacks (so that 5 seasons = Oliver’s five years away). Now while this equal passage of time works somewhat for the Season 1 flashback story, IMO it doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny with the Season 2 flashbacks. Are we supposed to believe that the entire sequence of events from Oliver, Slade and Shado encountering Ivo’s men up till Oliver and Slade’s final battle on the Amazo, took

7 months

?! Of course, we’re never given any clear indications regarding the passage of time in the flashbacks themselves, but it really doesn’t seem to have taken more than a couple of months at most…

I think its reasonable to assume that the flashbacks in general don’t necessarily take as much time as the present scenes do to pass, given many times they tend to have several episodes depict the events of a single day, while the present scenes can have maybe weeks pass in a single episode. In either case, its easy to assume that the second season ends up making up that time at the end, in between

the Amazo sinking and he waking up in Waller’s possession

. We don’t know how long he was out, but it could have been some time.

I doubt if Oliver was out for more than, say, a week or two at most after the Amazo sinking. But you’re right that there are certain parts of the Season 2 flashback storyline where it was possible to make up for time. But on the whole, watching the episodes back to back, you really don’t get the sense that a total of seven months passed. Again, that doesn’t mean its not possible.

We know that after two years, he was in Hong Kong. We have no idea what the timeframe of the first two years of the flashbacks is, just that it was long enough for Oliver to be become a capable fighter & archer by the end of season one, and for Slade’s mental state to deteriorate due to the Mirakuru.

We know that about a year passed between the Gambit going down and Oliver encountering Sara again on the Amazo. We know that five months passed between Oliver waking up in Hong Kong in Waller’s custody and the start of the Season 3 flashbacks. And Waller talks about how the Fyers operation having been ‘two years ago’, meaning we are clearly in Oliver’s third year away. So the implication clearly is that a lot of time (at least six months) passed during the whole Season 2 island subplot. Of course, one new possibility which occurred to me is that the Hong Kong flashbacks so far are set maybe months apart (so for instance, the flashback of Oliver

killing his target

in Hong Kong is maybe set a month or two after the flashback with Tommy…and that’s how time is ‘catching up’. It’s possible, especially since Waller claimed that the events on the Amazo happened ‘last year’.

Letting Merlyn Go

Why the hell did Oliver let Malcolm go? Not only did Ollie willingly let Malcolm escape, but he placed him under protection! Did Oliver just forget about everybody killed in the Earthquake in Season 1? Even if he would be good enough to escape prison, that’s no reason not to lock him up at all! It makes Oliver look far

Too Dumb to Live


The fact that Oliver doesn’t want to kill any more is part of it, but a much bigger part is that he believed Merlyn when he said he’d keep Thea safe. He basically recruited an extra bodyguard for her, and one who isn’t going to be busy stopping criminals when she needs him. Not to mention that, as was repeatedly stated throughout the episode, Merlyn is a killer—meaning if someone needs to be killed,

Oliver can let him do it

. That probably wasn’t the best solution here (especially the part about declaring war on the League), but Oliver has repeatedly shown to have a massive blind spot regarding his sister. He’s got her slotted firmly into the “innocent, needs protecting at all costs,” part of his brain, and simply considers her safety more important than taking out Merlyn.

“Even if he would be good enough to escape prison, that’s no reason not to lock him up at all!”

Actually, I think it is. Locking Malcolm up despite knowing he would escape would bring far more trouble. Firstly, it would risk exposing the fact he’s Thea’s father, thus painting a giant target on Thea’s back for everyone who lost someone in the Glades that might want to use her as a way to get back at him (like they tried when the world blamed Moira for it), which is obviously something Oliver doesn’t want. Secondly, it would risk prompting Malcolm to reveal Oliver’s secret identity to the public, which is something Oliver

does not want

. Thirdly, there’s the fact that, while we’re informed that the League can escape any prison, we’re not informed on


, or rather, how many people will likely be killed; be it other inmates or innocent guards and/or police officers, Malcolm is liable to cut them down hard to escape, and thus indirectly mean Oliver is responsible (at least, as far as he’s concerned) by putting Malcolm in that position. Fourthly, putting him under his protection makes sense when you take into account that Nyssa (someone Oliver at least knows personally) was willing to use Thea as a way to get to Malcolm, so its not hard to imagine that he’d be concerned about other League killers coming after her too; putting Malcolm under his protection also puts Thea under it too. Lastly, there’s the opposite suggestion to the above: Oliver isn’t just against killing, but he’s firmly against others doing it, even trying to stop Nyssa and the League from executing Mirikuru soldiers and yelling at them when they killed

Isabel Rochev

; simply put, he wants to save everyone, even badguys like Merlyn.

I don’t think Oliver is fundamentally against


killing. If that were the case, he wouldn’t let Diggle carry a firearm. Hell, at that rate, he wouldn’t be comfortable working with Lance and wouldn’t approve of any SCPD officer using lethal force, which is absurd. Oliver’s ‘no-killing rule’ applies to himself and to his crusade (which he temporarily considered the League to be part of during the Siege). Oliver’s reasons for ensuring that Merlyn isn’t killed purely has to do with not wanting his sister’s father killed, at least not in his city. I do wonder how he would react if Merlyn was killed somewhere else by the League though.

And now Malcom has, of course, been revealed as the man behind Sara’s death. Ollie’s response? Shrug his shoulders, let Malcom waltz away and go to fight Ra’s to save him instead of, you know, doing the smart thing and handing Malcolm over to the League.

No, Oliver’s plan was to kill Malcolm himself, and then probably hand the League his head. Malcolm countered with the blackmail material (which would be published on his death), convincing Oliver that the only way to save Thea was to kill Ra’s.

And now Malcolm has attempted to kill both Ollie and Thea on the island, not to mention killing innocent guards, by releasing Slade and even taunted them both about it. Ollie still forgave him for it.

At least now we have an explanation: In Nanda Parbat, Ollie flat out admits to Laurel’s face that he doesn’t care about Sara’s death. Laurel tells him that Malcolm has to pay and that she needs to avenge her sister. Ollie coldly shrugs this off and then gets mad at her when she goes after the mass murdering terrorist. Our hero everyone!

Admitting he needs Malcolm to keep Thea alive is a far cry from claiming he doesn’t care. And he should be mad at her for going after Malcolm. Laurel can barely hold her own against random street thugs. She survived Malcolm because he was feeling generous at the time.

Suicide by Cop

is not something you’re supposed to encourage.

Ollie smugly lied to her face when she asked about going after Sara’s killer, knowing full well he’d placed Malcolm under his protection. Then, when the League takes him down, Ollie gets furious with Laurel and storms off to rescue him. It’s pretty blatantly obvious now that Ollie doesn’t care in the least about Sara’s death.

Not to mention showing more emotion over Roy’s fake death than he ever did over Sara’s.

Well at that point Oliver witnessed

Sara “die” two separate times prior to her appearance in Starling City

so he may have just been numbed to the idea of her dying, or had hoped


that she would come back. It’s a pretty crappy reason, but it makes sense.

Or Oliver has just become that good at lying to Laurel. Or Laurel has that big a blind-spot when it comes to failing to know when Oliver is lying.

Felicity’s lack of Brass Rat

How come Felicity doesn’t wear a

brass rat


Not everyone likes to wear their class ring all the time.

Where does Ollie get those wonderful toys?

No, seriously, he doesn’t run QI anymore, and I’m pretty sure he’s out of money. How’s he funding his operation in Season 3? Does he get a Mafiya pension? Does Argus pay him a consulting fee? Is he quietly selling his QI stock? No, wait Rochev sold that. Is he living off his inheritance?

I’m not even the only person asking this


They’ve lampshaded this a few times so far, so I assume it’s going to be a plot point to explore later.

As Stephen Amell said on the thestreamtv Arrow after show, a broke billionaire is still a millionaire.

The Arrow Season 2.5 comic provides an answer. Ollie gets his gear from a guy in Bludhaven, who is well-paid for his discretion. As for how he’s paying for it, Oliver has collected in full on his mother’s life insurance policy, which – shockingly enough – had several provisions for paying out more in the case of sudden, violent death. By the time Season Three started, Walter Steele had also stepped in to help Oliver get control of his finances, recover as much of his family’s assets as possible in the wake of Isabela Rochev being revealed as Slade Wilson’s accomplice and help Oliver prepare the bid to reclaim Queen Consolidated.

Why hand Cupid to the Suicide Squad

For starters, like Oliver says himself, she’s

not well

. Cupid is

mentally ill

, and not in a

Crazy Awesome

way; you don’t put her in a team like that where she’s likely to be killed or traumatized (and thus, further damage her mental state) so she can ‘at least be useful’, you put them in a mental institute until they can medicate her illnesses. This really was a dick move on Ollie’s part, and the others for not calling him out on it.

It’s a miracle she didn’t kill her psychiatrist the first time, and he didn’t want to risk it again. Now, Cupid doesn’t have any super powers or even absurd skills with a bow, so a perfectly ordinary psychiatric institute for the criminally insane should be able to hold her without difficulty and give her some real help, but the only DC institution that fits the bill is Arkham. And yes, the Suicide Squad would be better for her mental state than Arkham.

Somebody would have to pay for her to be in a mental institute. Oliver wouldn’t be able to do that without revealing who he is.

No member of the Suicide Squad can be described as “well”. Remember this is the same Suicide Squad that has counted Shrapnel and Harley Quinn as members. Even the most stable SS members are sociopathic killers. Cupid isn’t exactly in unusual company.

Why does Starling City need the Arrow?

In the first season, Oliver targets corrupt businessmen who are so wealthy and powerful that they’re basically immune to the law. However, later seasons show him focusing on mobsters, drug dealers, and other ordinary criminals. The Starling City Police Department is not shown being unusually corrupt or incompetent in dealing with these kinds of criminals. So why does Oliver focus on fighting criminals that the SCPD is already doing a decent job of containing?

The Glades are still a complete no-fly zone for the cops after the events of season 1. An entire section of the city basically owned by criminals. Though by season 3 that might have changed, and the Arrow might


be necessary, it’s hard to tell. Plus, there is some corruption in the police still; there was one scene where Lance officially chewed out a couple of beat cops for arresting a friend of the commissioner, before handing them some cash and telling them drinks were on him.

More than anything else, the Arrow is now a symbol of hope to the citizens of Starling, much like Batman is to Gotham. This is a city which was rife with corruption and crony capitalism of the worst kind, to say nothing of the crime-ravaged Glades, and the two terrorist attacks. And the Arrow has, in some form or the other, dealt with ALL of it. At the start of the season we’re told that people are moving out of Starling because they don’t feel safe in the city…its very likely that the people who’ve remained have stayed because they feel protected by the Arrow.

Torturing the Hong Kong bomber.

Why does Waller think that torture will reveal the location of the bomb in Hong Kong? She knew he had already assembled and planted the bomb, which goes off shortly after his capture. Why does Waller think that a few minutes of pain will get him to reveal his plan when he’s already so close to success?

She probably doesn’t. Her only purpose is to use the situation to train Oliver in the ‘art of torture’. She might have known that torturing the man was pointless (probably why she didn’t get an experienced agent to do it), but decided that the experience would serve as an object lesson for Oliver. Either Oliver tortures the man successfully, or he fails to do so, and she can guilt-trip him about how the blood of all the victims is ‘on his hands’, thus spurring him to become better at torture (which is what happens). Doubles as

Fridge Brilliance


Fridge Horror


Disbanding the Vigilante Task Force

Why hasn’t there been any political fallout from disbanding the Vigilante Task Force? Even though he’s changed, Oliver has murdered several wealthy and powerful people who were, as far as the public knows, legitimate businessmen. Not to mention that Oliver’s victims might have

family members

looking to

avenge them.

Well, in

The Flash

crossover episode

Flash vs. Arrow

, we do learn that even though the SCPD is now ‘cool’ with the Arrow, police officers from other cities, such as Joe West, aren’t all that eager to give him a clean slate. As far as political fallout goes, yes its surprising that we haven’t really seen any, but its possible that for now the writers don’t want to explore that particular plot-line. Also, the Arrow now enjoys widespread public and media support, so maybe it is advantageous for the police department and the Powers-That-Be to appear to support him right now. Finally, Arrow didn’t really kill any ‘legitimate businessmen’ in Season 1. He didn’t kill Adam Hunt, Malcolm did, and Hunt had been exposed as a fraud already. He killed Ted Gaynor, another seemingly legitimate businessman, but Gaynor was also exposed as a criminal. Most of the people he killed were either

bodyguards and henchmen

and/or Mob bosses and killers.

There was already a point in Season 1 where Quentin was told to drop his hunt for the Vigilante because Oliver’s reputation as a hero was gradually developing, even if not everyone agreed with his lethality. By Season 2 even Quentin wasn’t particularly motivated to hunt down the Arrow, so disbanding the task force may have just been a formality.

Furthermore, the one time the police actually sought to capture the Arrow in Season 2, they were driven primarily by the anti-vigilante agenda of Adam Donner, helped along by a then-vengeful Laurel who blamed the Arrow for Tommy’s death. Donner probably dropped his anti-vigilante agenda after the Arrow saved his life in “State v. Queen” and so political interest in making a concerted effort to take down the Arrow likely declined. Kate Spenser does try to coerce Lance into giving her his identity but considering how easily she gave up in the face of Laurel’s ‘blackmail’, it likely wasn’t that important an agenda for her either. After he saved the city from Slade and the Mirakuru soldiers, any lingering interest in stopping the Arrow likely evaporated.

Where Exactly is Starling City?

Ok, for most of Season 1, I just assumed that Starling City was somewhere in Northern California or possibly Oregon or Washington, like in the comics, given that Robert and Oliver were able to sail to China. However, in Season 2, Felicity mentioned at some point that they are 1000 miles from Las Vegas. After measuring distances, You cannot be on the coast of Northern California, Oregon, or Washington and be 1000 miles away. Then, in Season 3, Oliver stated that Central City is 600 miles away. In the comics, Central City is located somewhere in the Midwest, probably Missouri, and the Midwest is well over 600 miles from the West Coast. Later on, when they showed a map on screen, it displayed Starling City as probably in Northern Wisconsin on Lake Superior. This allows Central City to be in the Midwest, so it seems to make the most sense. But, then Season 1 doesn’t make sense, because how then would Robert and Oliver have been able to sail to China? They would’ve had to sail from Starling to an airstrip probably in Canada and be airlifted to the West Coast for that to make any sense, and that seems needlessly complicated. That and the comment about Las Vegas still doesn’t make sense because that would make Starling around 1500 miles away, not 1000.

Is there any specification that the dock they left was in Starling? Its been a while since I watched the episode, but its possible that they went to a different city first to get on the boat, rather than leave from Starling, allowing some leeway on how they could sail to China. As for the exact location, its possible that the distance notes are exaggerations or estimates rather than the exact distance.

I actually have watched that episode recently, and what made it confusing is that, not only were Robert and Ollie there, so was Moira. Now this could be explained by saying they all flew out to the West Coast, but then Ollie gets a call from Sara and he tells her to circle the block a few times, so she drove there…this being further cemented by the fact the reason he told her that was because Laurel showed up, having driven there. Unlikely they both drove all the way to the West Coast.

It gets even more vexing if you try to make use of the ZIP Codes that have been given out in various episodes. in the Season 2 episode

Blast Radius

, Laurel sees a bill on Sebastian Blood’s desk that gives Starling City’s ZIP Code as 98114. In the real world, this is an actual ZIP Code for Seattle, Washington – which was Green Arrow’s hometown in the late ’80s/early ’90s comics and the current series. Yet in

Rogue Air

from Season 1 of

The Flash

, Eddie and Iris’ address in Central City is given and has the 74912 ZIP Code. This is not a valid ZIP code, although the 749 prefix is reserved for central Oklahoma. And then, in the Season 2 episode

Potential Energy

, we are given four digit codes for the ZIP Codes in both Midway City (7401) and Central City (7423)! So clearly

Barry’s first trip to the past changed the number of digits in a ZIP Code in the Arrowverse


I always assumed it was near Seattle, but episode 5/22 reveals that Star City is roughly where San Francisco, CA should be. There’s no other text on the map, and the bay itself is absent or covered by the text, but Point Reyes, Monterey Bay, and the Lompoc / Santa Barbara curve to the California coastline are easy to recognize. 36 minutes in. This puts it 635 miles from Portland, OR – not a bad choice for Central City.

Iron Heights location

This also raises the question, where is Iron Heights? Starling City and Central City evidently share it as a prison, but since their 600 miles apart, it would most likely have to be in a different state from either of them. So if that’s true, then how does Oliver, Laurel, and Detective Lance get there so quickly in Season 1? And that goes for the cast of the Flash as well, except for Barry.

This was brought up on

The Flash

Headscratcher page, and it was pretty much decided that Central City and Starling City were in the same state and located reasonably close to one-another (given that they specifically show Barry coming across a road leading to Starling after accidentally running out of town), with Iron Heights being the closest State prison to both; in the grand scheme of things, assuming its located in between them, it should only be about 300 miles away from either, making it possible for someone to travel there with ease from either city.

I actually pulled up Google Earth to test that theory, and whoever came up with that theory severely underestimated how far 600 miles really is. If you assume Starling is where The Climb says it is, then 600 miles to Central City puts it somewhere like Missouri or Southern Illinois. And, if say, Central City is in Missouri, then you have to go through Iowa to get there.

If I remember right in the comic book The New Frontier they established that Barry was the Illinois Flash. Also judging from the overall look of Starling I always assumed it was in Washington State near Seattle.

Going with the above location for Star City, San Quentin state prison is right across the bay and looks an awful lot like the establishing shots for Iron Heights.

Waller and Arrowcave V. 2

Ollie doesn’t exactly spend a lot of time there so how did she find it? Why would she even have been looking in the first place? The reason this is a head scratcher is because while the various characters that discover secret lairs are treated as being brilliant for finding the secret lair that’s not usually the hard part. The hard part is the secret identity. Once you know Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same person the Batcave is literally the first place you would look, especially if you had some understanding of the geography of the area. (How Ra’s and various others get in is a second and separate issue) Once you know Oliver Queen is the Arrow the Arrow Cave is quite literally the


place you would go looking. However the backup cave was set not as some kind of refuel station but as a place he could go if the first cave was ever compromised. One would think he’d own it through the kind of maze of shell companies and subsidiaries, Mafia and whoever else that untangling it would be nearly if not completely impossible. Hell I probably wouldn’t even own it just find some abandoned place.

It’s mentioned that it apparently became his “quiet place,” where he would go when he needed to be away from everyone, including his friends. Waller probably has a satellite on him 24/7, so it wouldn’t be too hard to find the second cave.

Thea doesn’t know Ollie’s the Arrow?

Since now we know that Malcolm didn’t tell, her the question becomes why didn’t he? He saves her from Slade’s warriors, tells her that everybody has been lying to her, but at the moment things are tense and she’s not trying to hear anything. But at no point during the time skip, while he was training her did he tell her? You don’t train a warrior with the belief you’re the only one she can trust and lie to her about something you have no reason to hide from her! If Thea had known that Oliver was the Arrow, she wouldn’t have had to reveal that she was trained and dangerous, and Oliver wouldn’t have tortured her but so much.

Well, it turns out Merlyn was just using her as well. If she knew Ollie was the Arrow, she would have been able to talk to him about things more, and that’s one more variable Merlyn would have to account for in his plans.

I’m sure he must have kept that fact in reserve in case of a confrontation. If it ever came down to a direct confrontation between Merlyn and Oliver and Thea looked like she was about to side with her brother, Merlyn has this trump card he can whip out. “BTW, did you know your brother is the Arrow and never told you? Just another one of his



Malcolm kept it secret because Oliver’s secret activities were damaging his relationship with Thea—he has to rush off on several occasions when his family needs him, often with

Blatant Lies

as to why. Malcolm would prefer that Thea was estranged from her brother because she would then turn to him.

Bus/Train collision in Time of Death

The Clock King tried to draw Ollie off his bank heist by making a bus collide with a train by removing any way of signaling that the train was there, but everyone (including the bus driver) conveniently forgets that buses are usually legally required to stop for rail crossings whether there’s a train there or not. There’s also nothing preventing the driver from hearing the train’s horn, which they’re always legally required to blast when coming up to a crossing.

Mister Blank: The master of WTF killing

In episode 20, Mister Blank killed his employer to prevent him from telling the police about him. There are only two problems. 1. How he killed him. The ‘blood pressure’ thing. What the heck was that? He popped an air bubble or something… And that killed him? How does that even work? His explanation is only something that he must have came up with. 2. He killed him… In a police building. The police will see a dead man, and they will want to know what happened. Police officers saw him! He’s only making this worse on himself.

Air bubbles in the blood can cause fatal embolisms in the brain very very easily. Of course, it’s not as easy to cause air bubbles in the blood as it was portrayed, but comic book science.

Okay, I can chalk it up to ‘Sci Fi writers don’t know much about real science’, but why did he kill a man… In a police precinct. Just to prevent the guy from outing him. A dozen cops saw him.

They might have seen him but they would never connect him to the guy’s death. As far as the medical examiner would be able to tell the guy would seem to have died from natural causes.

Oliver kidnapping Tommy in Hong Kong

So, in season 3 Oliver manages during one of his many attempts to run away from Waller, get access to a computer and attempt to write an e-mail that he’s alive before Maseo shoots the computer and recapture Oliver. This apparently sets of an alert of some sort, that in turn alerts Tommy. He then heads to Hong Kong to look for his friend. This I sort of buy. Oliver is assigned to kill Tommy but refuses and instead kidnaps him and tells him he hacked the e-mail account to lure either Moria or Thea to Hong Kong for a ransom. Maseo then enters as a cop, frees Tommy and and most likely escort Tommy back to his hotel and airport. What I don’t get is why Oliver didn’t reveal himself then and there. Tommy could of made sure that a car was ready to take them both to the airport and have the private jet ready fly both of them home asap.

Because Amanda Waller tried to blow up a plane just to get one woman. You think she’d let them go? Even if she couldn’t blow up the plane, she would have A.R.G.U.S agents kill Oliver and Tommy at the airport. Oliver isn’t underestimating a woman who’s respone to a criminal is ‘Kill dozens of innocent people’.

Malcolm Merlyn walking around in full view of the public.

In “Midnight City,” Merlyn gets out of a car in the alley near Verdant to talk to Thea, in full view of the public in broad daylight. There was at least one guy visible in the background. Isn’t Merlyn widely known as the terrorist directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people in the Glades a couple of years ago? Isn’t he a hunted man? It’s not like he is widely believed to be dead, is he? Oliver stabbed him and thought he had killed him, but it’s not like Oliver announced that to the public or anything, and obviously Merlyn’s body was never found. Doesn’t the public believe Merlyn to be alive and at large? How can Merlyn just be walking around in full view of the public?

I believe it was stated that people think he died, so most people belive so. Besides, that guy was far away, and facing Malcom’s back. For all we know, it could also have been an agent for him, making sure

that no Leauge of Assasin was stalking him

This is actually addressed in “The Magician”. Merlyn meets Oliver in a crowded place because he knows that most people won’t spare a couple of guys on the street a second glance, much less identify one of them as a terrorist who’s supposed to be dead.

Merlyn’s body


found – supposedly. There’s a line in season 2 that says something like “I bet one of Merlyn’s resources is lying in the city morgue.” All the publicly-available evidence says he’s dead, so he can get away with walking around in broad daylight as long as he doesn’t overdo it.

There isn’t much indication on exactly


famous Merlyn or Oliver actually are in universe. They are certainly recognizable to certain people but when Oliver goes to visit the Flash in Central City he doesn’t seem to be getting the billionaire playboy attention you’d expect. In fact as far as we can tell only a handful of people recognize him at all. It’s entirely possible that neither one of them are any more famous than your average millionaire/billionaire. People who walk in their circles would recognize them but not every rich person is Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Undercover Boss runs on the fact that in many cases the owner of your company can walk right up to you and you wouldn’t recognize him. He’s at best a name you’d heard in passing.

As shown in the

Real Life

section of

Clark Kenting

, this sort of thing can easily happen even to famous people whose faces are well known.

Oliver and China White in Hong Kong.

So in the flashbacks in “Midnight City”, we see Oliver coming face to face with China White. We can easily assume China White didn’t recognize him as the ‘missing, presumed dead’ billionaire playboy Oliver Queen. But, when she breaks into Laurel’s house in “Honor Thy Father” and encounters Oliver, wouldn’t she recognize him as the ARGUS agent she met in Hong Kong two and a half years back? Oliver doesn’t look all that different in the present-day compared to how he looked in Hong Kong, so it shouldn’t have been difficult for her to recognize. What’s even more interesting is that China White is probably aware in the Hong Kong flashbacks that one of the ARGUS agents there was an archer. And 2.5 years later, in Starling City, the ‘Hood’ shows up and he’s an archer as well. Shouldn’t China White be able to easily put two and two together and figure out that Oliver Queen was the archer ARGUS agent in Hong Kong, and that he’s now the Arrow? Isn’t Oliver in the least concerned that China White could be aware of his identity?

China white was mostly focused with Maseo. In her head, Ollie is (and was) a plain simple Mook. It’s been years since she met him, so she may have forgotten him. Along with that, she might think Maseo is the archer.

There is actually a shot when Oliver and China Whtie come face to face in Laurel’s apartment and they both pause and China smiles at him like she recognizes him. There’s also her telling him that “he’s changed or she would be dead by now” when he caught her in season 2. Both small things that could have meant nothing at the time, but with the reveal that they have a history, these small things seem a lot more relevant.

Dig’s lack of a mask

So, despite regularly going out on the field with masked men, Diggle refuses to wear any sort of disguise. You’d think the police or criminals would be able to recognize reports of Diggle, identify him, and either go after him or Team Arrow. It’s even more jarring since Dig did wear a ski mask in the Brother Eye episode. Why then and not any other times? Even if it’s justified by not wanting to wear a costume, the ski mask at least is smarter than nothing at all.

Probably a comfort thing, since while he wore a mask then, he then quickly removed it once he no longer needed it. Most likely, people don’t pay Diggle much thought since ‘fairly tough, shaven-headed black dude’ isn’t a very distinctive appearance compared to ‘hooded mysterious green-clad archer’ or ‘leather-clad blonde chick with sonic screaming thing’, meaning he’s not really memorable. Add in the fact Diggle isn’t in the public limelight, few people would recognise him and be able to identify him. Hell, so far the only living person to see him up close who’s still alive is Brick, who probably thought he was a cop or something.

He really doesn’t need a mask, Oliver is the only one who probably needs a mask and that’s because of his celebrity status. The people who Arrow runs into on bad terms fall into one of two categories, the low level thug who even with a picture of Diggle would be reduced to posting it on the internet and asking for help and the people who either already know who everybody is on Arrow’s crew or if they don’t it’s simply because they don’t care.

Dig is Oliver’s body guard/driver. Which means he’s on tv almost as much as Oliver.

Dare you when the next celebrity or someone equally as famous is followed on the news to be able to see/know their driver/bodyguard.

Lance and Secret Identities

Detective Lance deduces that Roy is Arsenal almost immediately after seeing him. Yes, the moment is hilarious but it’s frustrating how he can easily work that out, but yet he somehow cannot notice the fact that

his daughter is impersonating his other daughter, who unknown to him, is dead.

What makes this even more confusing is that another character is able to tell the difference, but somehow he can’t.

Lance’s interactions with

the new Canary have so far been over the phone when her voice was manipulated to sound exactly like Sara and in person when she was shrouded in shadow on a fire escape while still sounding like Sara, not enough for him to deduce it isn’t really her.

Sin also initially mistook Laurel for Sara. Once she got a better look at her (which Laurel has refused to give her father), she figured it out instantly.

On the subject of Roy – Lance knows that Roy Harper worked for the Arrow. During the Siege, he saw Roy wearing his red hoodie with a mask and shooting arrows. So obviously, he knows that Roy is Arsenal. Its pretty much stated outright that this is the rationale.

Also, once he’s told straight up that Sara


the Canary they’re seeing, he pretty much puts it together that Laurel is the one behind the mask now. And even before meeting Sin, he felt that something was off with the Canary.

Diggle constantly staying behind

Ok, in

Midnight City




Oliver is presumed dead, in every mission Team Arrow goes on (rescuing kidnapped Aldermen, fighting Brick’s men etc.) why is Diggle left behind while


goes out to fight with Roy?

I’m sorry but last time I checked Diggle was an experienced military soldier, with a background in special ops and has been fighting alongside Oliver for over two years. Laurel has….taken basic self-defence, done a few months of boxing lessons and

put on her sister’s mask. Ok, you need at least two fighters. So let Diggle and Roy go as they’re already established members of the team.


Laurel could come along for back-up/training, but why on earth would she go


of Diggle?

I think it’s because of his daughter, since Oliver sidelined him in the beginning of the season because of her. He has only ever gone out in Season 3 when it was absolutely, 100% unavoidable or coincidental. Like when Oliver was dead but before Laurel stepped in, or when they were assaulting Brick full-on with the entire city.

Waller in charge

How is a sociopath like Amanda Waller able to be in charge of an organization like A.R.G.U.S.? Why has the entire organization not simply rebelled against her?

Because they’re trained to follow orders. And despite how extreme her actions are, they are all in order to protect the country. And even if they did rebel the government wouldn’t stand for it. They clearly think her actions are appropriate or she wouldn’t still be in charge.

And, as seen in

Nanda Parbat

, Waller

isn’t opposed to going behind her superiors’ backs.

In addition, in prior episodes, nobody seemed to object to her decisions. She likely only has agents who agree with her views.

Why is the League of Assassin’s (as well as Nyssa) so weak?

Nyssa al Ghul is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, obviously. In a flashback of Malcolm Merlyn joining the League, he encounters what is obviously a young child Nyssa training and holding her own against grown men. It’s pretty clear that since she was able to, she has been trained to fight, and it’s very likely it was done by her father and it would be clear if that was the case, she would be just as skilled as him. As a result of this, shouldn’t she be more skilled in fighting compared to Oliver and Malcolm? Yet Oliver has overpowered her almost every time they fight and even Merlyn can hold her own on him despite her having many years of training on the both of them. And any member of the League are shown to be easy to take down, despite the fact they are trained and specialized killers.

The first is fairly simple, Nyssa was training, not fighting. As soon as Merlyn enters she turns her back on the fight so how much she was holding her own is very much up to debate. It’s unlikely she’d be as skilled as him, especially if this is supposed to be the immortal Ra’s and since the Arrowverse contains at least one miracle drug and multiple metahumans the Lazarus Pit may be in play meaning Ra’s is hundreds of years old to Nyssa’s twenty or thirty something. While this doesn’t often come into play in works of fiction the reality is that Merlyn and Oliver are both males, she’s giving up probably sixty pounds or more to both men, and considerable reach. There is a very good reason for weight classes and it’s basically that it takes a lot of skill to get past someone who’s simply larger than you. Finally while it doesn’t explain Merlyn, Oliver was trained by Slade and Shadow to be a warrior, the League of Assassins could very well be formally trained as assassins first and warriors only in desperation. Almost all of their successful attacks have been what you’d expect from assassins. They don’t fight you because there is no fight if they get the drop on you.

Episode 3-15 confirms that Ra’s does have a Lazarus Pit. Whether or not the pool he was soaking in was the actual pit he claims to have met a magician in 1854 which makes him at present a minimum one hundred and sixty plus years old.

Why didn’t Merlyn issue the combat challenge?

Since Oliver was able to issue it clearly being part of the League is not a requisite of issuing the challenge. From what we’ve seen Merlyn would fare far better than Oliver since he is trained in swordplay, he’d still lose but being stabbed through the heart sounds vastly preferable to what Ra’s seems to have in mind.

Because he’s trying to avoid dying altogether. He’s desperately grasping at whatever small chance he can find to stay alive.

Arrest Warrant

Lance may have believed Ra’s when the latter told him Oliver was the Arrow, but he has ZERO hard evidence connecting Oliver Queen to the Arrow that he can take before a judge to obtain a warrant. He doesn’t even have a hint of probable cause. Let’s not forget the fact that Oliver was already cleared of being the Arrow over two years ago (after being wrongfully arrested by Lance himself!). Taking all this into account, it would logically have been near-impossible for him to legally take any steps against Oliver Queen.

Did he actually get the warrant? He said he was seeking it, and was preparing the police, but Oliver just turned himself in. Even if he did get the warrant, it couldn’t have been too hard to find a judge willing to look into it based on the Lance’s word, considering he’s been working with the Arrow for a while. It would probably open the judge up to a countersuit if Oliver turned out to be innocent, but Lance would know which judges would be willing to take that risk, especially since he can be very convincing when he wants to be. It’s

Artistic License – Law

, sure, but Starling City has been kinda playing fast and loose with its own laws ever since vigilantes started running around.

Well, he probably got a warrant, considering that cops actually showed up at Verdant to arrest Oliver and Felicity mentions how he apparently got Thea’s assets ‘frozen’. Also its doubtful he’d have announced Oliver’s name on TV if he couldn’t legally arrest him – that would have been defamation in all probability. Again,

Artistic License – Law

is probably the best explanation, though getting everyone on the “Arrest Oliver Queen” bandwagon so quickly doesn’t make a lot of sense within the context of the show’s narrative either.

He only needed the cops on his side, and even then he only needed to convince them enough to


him. It’s not like he was giving them secret orders to kill him on “accident.” We don’t really see what the rest of city thought, but the newscaster announcing everything seemed a little bit confused about the whole ordeal, not just Oliver being the Arrow (she even mentions his arrest and exoneration back in season 1), but also about the Arrow being hunted in the first place.

Arrow’s fault masks started

During Lance’s anti-Oliver rant, he briefly blames him for Merlyn and Slade’s attacks; while Slade WAS Oliver’s fault (albeit only in a victim blaming sort of way), Merlyn was already going to go and attack the city, and without Oliver the damage would have been greater


come without warning or indication of who was at fault (after all, if Ollie hadn’t convinced his mom to reveal it to the public, most would think it was just a freak earthquake). He also then blames him for the League and even the Flash, even though the former had existed prior to him while the latter gained his powers and costume independently as well, the only connection to Oliver being the two met by chance prior and became friends. Basically, Lance’s reasoning falls apart rather quickly and is very easy to break apart, so its bugging me that no-one in universe used this to make him see sense.

Yep. Lance is simply in a mood to blame Oliver for everything. Now, in fairness, Oliver


closely connected to each of these events; the Undertaking created the Arrow rather than the other way around, but Slade was technically Ollie’s fault (as noted), the Flash has been seen working with the Arrow so it’s not hard to jump to the conclusion that they’re connected (they are; Barry was inspired by Ollie), in hindsight it’s easy to assume that Sara was inspired to use her assassin skills as a vigilante due to the Arrow (not


true, it was actually a natural outgrowth of protecting Sin, but again it’s a logical conclusion), Roy and Laurel


were, and the ATOM also was (though Lance has no proof of that right now). The problem is that Oliver has always been angsty, and is pretty clearly in full-on martyr mode. If anyone else was there, they would have defended Ollie on every single one of those points, and would have been insistent that Oliver has done far more good than harm. But Oliver wasn’t in a mood to defend himself, and Lance wasn’t in a mood to listen even if he was. Note when Lance demands to know when Oliver decided he knew what was best for Lance’s family. Laurel would have been quick to refute that hiding everything from her father was her idea, but Ollie just said “I love your family” and got slapped for it.

From Lance’s perspective, or indeed the perspective of anyone in Starling who isn’t in the know, its easy to consciously or unconsciously associate the Arrow with the Undertaking, the Siege and other crises (such as the Copycat Hoods, Vertigo, Huntress etc.) simply because all of these things happened only after the Arrow first showed up. It doesn’t matter that Malcolm Merlyn had been planning the Undertaking for two decades and that his actions led to the origin of the Arrow rather than the other way round, it doesn’t matter that Helena would have been killing her father’s men even without Oliver helping her, it doesn’t matter that Vertigo would still have been on the streets – from the perspective of the ordinary guy on the street, or even the cops and other authorities, all this happened only once the Arrow showed up, so its easy to blame him for all of it. Its basically the

Superhero Paradox

, a common enough trope in superhero stories.

Something of relevance: Earlier in Season 3 we found out that before Oliver, Ted Grant fought crime in Starling City as a vigilante similar to the Arrow, but with boxing. Given this, shouldn’t the existence of superheroes/supervillains be traced back to him, instead, since he predates the Arrow?

No, because it’s mentioned that he was never very well-known. Crime wasn’t as bad, he didn’t last as long, and he confined himself to fighting petty crooks. Oliver started with one-percenters and with flashier exploits, both of which are much more likely to make the news. The first thing he did was expose a corrupt businessman while stealing all his money and giving it back to the people it was stolen from in the first place. The media


that kind of thing, while Wild Kat would have just been a footnote. “Some woman in the Glades claims she was saved by a masked vigilante. In other news, Oliver Queen showed up drunk at a party…”

Its also true that aside from the Undertaking, technically everything that happened after was connected to Oliver. Slade only came to Starling to destroy Oliver, Oliver told Barry to try and be the Flash, and the League only came to Starling to kill Malcolm, and since Oliver’s protecting him they continued, and after surging his fight Ra’s wanted him to be his heir. So while Lance


technically right about that all after the Undertaking were directly or indirectly caused by Oliver, it’s not nearly as negatively as he’s portraying it, with only the League situation arguably fitting Quentins quota.

Oliver/Laurel/Tommy Friendship

How exactly does Laurel know Oliver and Tommy? It’s just vaguely stated that they’re childhood friends and when Laurel becomes the prosecutor in Moira’s case it’s stated that she “practically grew up in the Queens’ mansion”. Oliver and Tommy are both sons of wealthy families that have close relationships, but Laurel is the daughter of a detective and a college professor who wouldn’t by far be able to provide her with a lifestyle that overlapped with the others.

Oliver and Tommy probably went to public school, to learn how to talk with people.

They did actually go to public school, as established in the Season 1 episode “Damaged”. Laurel mentions how on


eighth grade field trip they visited Iron Heights.

It seems unlikely Oliver and Tommy went to public school, maybe Laurel attended their private school somehow and met them there. It’s mentioned Dinah married Quentin against her parents wishes, so maybe they were wealthier, disliked Quentin’s middle class profession and paid for private school for their grandchildren. Or maybe Laurel was on a scholarship as she’s portrayed as pretty intelligent. Or Quentin and Dinah scraped together to give Laurel the best education possible. That would explain a lot of Laurel’s characterization: Pushiness, arrogance, workaholic nature, originally going to take the fancy San Francisco lawyer job, even her slight

Gold Digger

tendencies (planning a life with Oliver even though he was cheating on her etc.) Going to a private school she grew up feeling slightly inferior and out of place and so is always fighting to be the best. Maybe she attached herself to Oliver and Tommy because they were the cool kids and/or the type of people she aspired to be. Even explains how she’s always forcing herself into Team Arrow, she see’s them as yet another elite group she wants to be part of.

Why Doesn’t Oliver Simply

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